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My friend's bestman called me yesterday to let me know that the bachelor party is on the satyrday after thanksgiving. He's gone to some good lengths, reserving tittybars and hotel spillover, etc. It's been a while since I've been to the tittybar; I miss the titties. I'll be ripe and stuffed still from Thanksgiving and ready to throw dollar bills at naked chicks. I guess anyway. I run out of things to do in that town when I'm there. Being home for that long will be trying, since the only thing my friends do for fun is drink and that shit gets old. Last time I was there I ran into a girl who I used to work with at Wendy's. She was still mildly attractive and I regret not asking her out. I made a sort of rule about a year before I graduated from college that I wouldn't date anyone from BR because I would just have to break up with them when I moved. But I also sort of made a rule that I wouldn't date anyone not from BR because I didn't want there to be any chance that I wouldn't be able to move back after I got all my postgraduate work done. I dunno if either one was a great decistion. I probably shouldn't be so picky.

I wrote up my CV today for my grant application. I had been putting off writing it because I knew it would be short, but I'm glad I've written it, because it'll save me the trouble later on. That, and I need to give it to my old PI so he'll write me a letter of recommendation. And I'm playing the waiting game again with my cells. I'd cut my pinky toe off if I could harvest the skin cells off of it and get my work moving.

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