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Road day.

I was going to go to the TX ren fest today, but when I got up I found out that Old Man Winter stopped by to take a BIG COOL FROSTY WINTERGREEN DUMP on my city, and the 200 square mile area around it. So I waited until maybe 1:30 to get on the road. I rode my bike the hundred or so miles up to the Renn fest area, after getting lost and going an extra 10 miles through awful traffic, and realized it was around 5 and I didn' want to spend 25 bucks to walk around for only an hour (and I had packed all my period clothes and extra crap to camp out, too..). So, I just warmed up a McChicken sandwich from earlier on my exhaust pipes and ate it, and then rode back to Houston. I stopped on the highway at some Texas version of aCajun restaurant and had a truly awful plate of fried oysters and jambalaya. Then I went to a nearby multiplex and watched the Matrix Retribution or Revolution (or Convolution or whatever it said on the package). It wasn't very good. The ending made no sense whatsoever (as everyone keeps saying). My favorite part was the credits. Really; I sat through them all enthralled. It was the largest credit roll I've ever seen in a movie - must've been a thousand names. Check the credits if you see the movie. Anyway, after that I got on the highway and rode the rest of the way home. At the end my hands were cramped shut and my eyes were unable to focus further than about 30 feet and I was basically unable to shift gears correctly. But I stopped off for popsicles and burritos for good measure. So 226 miles logged for the trip, and almost ready for an oil change (Which will give me a chance to get the other broken shit on my bike fixed). I am wiped out.

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