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mister grant, to you.

I talked with the NIEHS toxicology training grant director about applying for it this morning. Luckily, I interviewed with her when I applied here at UTMB. So, I'm most likely going to get the grant. I just need a couple of letters of recommendation. The three I submitted with my application, in addition to one from my old PI, should be good. I'll need to write up another personal statement regarding my intended project. More paperwork, I guess. I got some good results today in a blot, so bully for me. I spent a bunch of the day reorganizing antibodies in the freezers and cleaning up the lab.

Now, I'm getting drunk on Guinness and Chimay, and practicing my French syntax out of an old textbook.

I need to bring my bike in to the shop. It's sputtering when I start her up for some reason, and I need to replace a rear turn signal and the rear brake pedal (the fall bent them both)

I hear that next tuesday's a holiday. I'll probably still have to go to work to change cell media anyway. thbthbthb.
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