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Waves and waves

So the aggression study went well, and an hour quicker than expexted. I was suprisingly calm throughout the thing, especially considering I DROPPED MY FUCKING BIKE looking for a parking spot. I had to jump clear and roll several feet on the pavement to avoid getting crushed. Fucked up my mirror and scratched my windscreen.

Anyway I got the guy doing the study (one of my classmates actually, much to my suprise) to take a picture of my hooked up the EEG, with like 3 dozen wires coming out of my head. They gave me 3 pills of unknown substance (placebo, depakote, or dilantin). I had to do some sort of fast-thinking thing which I totally fucked up at the end. Then about 500 questions about my personality and intelligence. I was apparently the first grad student out of 40 to know the definition to panacea, which is pretty goddamn sad.

After that I went to the mexican joint and dosed up on fajitas and XX amber. I'll post a pic of me in the wires when he emails it to me.

Oh and I saw that CSI thing the other night (0r the second half because I was waiting for ER). It was about as damning as i thought it'd be. The part I found really misrepresenting though, was how they portrayed 'furpiles' as a co-ed thing. Women fursuiters? HAHAHA, that made me laugh a little.
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