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A lost weekend.

I got a phone call from my mother thursday night telling me I had to go to Baton Rouge the next day to take care of some business. So I packed up and left Friday, after work at around 6:45. I got there at around midnight (CHRIST the traffic). I took care of the business, and then did the crap I do when I'm in Baton Rouge. I went to the bar and met a couple of my friends, the ones who are marrying on Dec. 27th. They (sort of) tell me I'm going to be an usher in their wedding; I remembered them asking me to be a groomsman a few months before; I guess I got demoted. Unfortunately this means I'll actually have to do work at the wedding. Oh well. The bachelor party will be on the 29th of next month, so I guess that might work out since I'll be in BR for thanksgiving. Although that might make it difficult to replace the upstairs faucet and assemble my mother's human gerbil-wheel/treadmill. I luckily was able to load up my pig-cooker and bring it here for my Uncle's luau sometime this next month. Good.
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