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I guess it's too late to go get some sushi, since it's 9:15. Oh well. I was really in the mood for it. I guess I just wasn't that in the mood for it, or I'd have gotten up off my butt and gotten it. I can go to the supermarket and get some boneless skinless chicken breasts and steam them along with some broccoli and rice. Mmm. tasteless food. But, it's good for you.

I saw one of the guys I went diving with this weekend at the gym. I didn't know he worked out there. My shoulder was absolutely Killing me this morning (I have no clue why), but it didn't hurt when I lifted weights. I think maybe I hurt it when I was lifting that guy in the drowning diver rescue sim. I lifted this 200lb wet limp guy into the boat with one arm (with a little help), and maybe that ripped something.

Well, fuck it. There isn't anything to do around here. I'm gonna go insane if I can't find something to do. I found my trash can filled with maggots at the end of the driveway and sprayed it and filled it with clorox. Hopefully it'll defunk it.

I could go driving around town, but that is ultimately depressing. I could try to go jogging, but I would just end up tired at the end of the street puking up a lung. I could go upstairs and do what I did when I woke up, but I've been doing that too much. I am hopeless.

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