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I bought a $20 digital multimeter yesterday and found it broken. So I bought a $100 pro model today. I'm going to use it to replace a failed light switch, and hopefully some other justifying projects.

I have had a good friend Lindsey, from high school. He was a drummer in a band I sang in, and we used to get high and hang out in the diversion canals and shit. He went away to college at Clemson, and used to come down to Baton Rouge all the time to visit. Then every once in a while, then a couple times a year, then never again. We used to say how he was a punk for turning his back on us, and how we should go up there and kidnap him, or something along those lines, in disappointment of how he never visited.

And I was thinking about that recently and realized that I don't blame him, now, at all. How could I blame him, when we all were angry for him not coming down as often when we never visited him ever? I visited him once in college during the summer, for a whole week straight. I hung out with him and went to his hippie bars and made friends with his hippie friends, and smoked his hippie grass and tried to make up for the times I never visited. But that was once in 4 years, and that was once more than any of my other friends did for him. How can I blame him for that? Especially now that I'm in his shoes. Those same friends don't visit me, and bitch that I don't come down as often as I used to.

Well, in the grand scheme of things, Fuck them. I know they're the only friends that I've got (of course, I mean the only friends I've got that live close enough to me to visit), but I've been here over a year and they won't come. I'll be suprised if they visit once in the 4 or so years I'll be here. My sister has visited twice, and my mother hasn't visited once. I've been back home more than a couple dozen times since I moved out here. I think that's going to stop right about now. I've got no desire to visit people that have no desire to visit me.

It's easier for them do settle for that compromise, though, since they have their friends there and I have this little box to type in. Well, that's some life for you. Fuck it. Baton Rouge eats shit anyway.

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