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new art

I got my two Dark Natasha prints back from being custom framed yesterday. They look pretty spiffy since I spent a little while choosing the matching matting colors and sizes, except the smaller one had its ink messed up by the matting glue. So it was framed anyway with the promise that they'll reframe with preservation backing when I get a replacement (which I guess will be next AC). They're two skunk-girls of the DN variety. I got a lot of weird looks at the counter when I laid them out to get sized. When I asked if they were ready the girl was trpping on her tongue to to confirm the art subject: "the, the, uh, ... smaller one is ready..." When I checked them yesterday some older balding man standing next to me looked over at the print and asked me, "Is that a photograph?" (hmm..) I was kind of confused at that and just walked to the door. Then I thought, 'Don't I freaking wish!'

I'll post some pictures of them when I can find my camera. And also some pics of the little ceramic skunks I got off of eBay the other day.

My sister and her boyfriend visited this weekend and I took them to a couple of the fancy restaurants in town. Good margaritas, this town's got. At least that's something.

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