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I just made about 10 pounds of dirty rice. Jesus christ I am swoll up like a tick.

I picked up a copy of 'shotgun news' at the store after I spent 3 minutes standing behind a magazine rack hiding from people I know at the grocery store. Shotgun news is THE magazine to read if you're looking to buy an eastern european assault rifle for pretty cheap. I may or may not get one, I dunno. Bill season and all.

My jewelry from tribalectic came in yesterday finally, after more that 2 GODDAMN MONTHS THOSE INCOMPETENT PIECES OF SHIT. My lip-hole almost closed up from waiting on the replacement pin to put into it. Now I get to spend every night for a week running a 3 inch metal taper lubed up with KY jelly in and out of my nipple until it's big enough to fit this evil-looking ring through it. This is the last order I ever place with those rat bastards, no matter HOW many little coupons they cram into the package. Cunt-cheese clot-fuckers.

And now the battery on my cellphone lasts all of 6 hours before turning off. And I'm not even going to mention what the hell I found in the bottom of my trashcan tonight.

The only good news is that my sister and her boyfriend are coming up to visit this weekend. So now I have an excuse to dust and mop the floors.
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