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I've been trying to eat healthily for about a week now, because I was feeling nasty and sick and lethargic all day, and spending a lot of money on frozen dinners, takeout, etc. I've been eating steamed and fresh vegetables, fresh-cooked tissue, salads, etc. and I feel a lot better, actually. I don't have enough skill cooking to keep this up for too long, but I need to try if I'm going to manage to do this for someone else one day, and it's a goddamn disgrace to be Cajun and not be able to cook like a motherfucker. My mother is a very good cook, and I wish I could get some ideas and advice from her on this type of thing. Every time I attempt to make something without copying out of the cookbook, something goes south and I'm left with the number for Pappa John's. Also, I don't get home from work before 6:30 at the earliest, so it's not fun getting in and going straight to work on the food (at least not for just one person). I wish I had the skill or talent that some people do in the kitchen; it would make things more pleasant at home. You'd think I could swing it, since I spend a lot of my time at a bench following recipes for reagents and whatnot.

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