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the word ends in "Y", not "E"

So some guy has been IMing me for a couple of days to talk, and usually I just leave my trillian on 'Away' most of the time because I'm lazy, or antisocial, or probably lazy, and used it as an excuse not to talk to him. I could tell by his emoticons, his frequent use of the carriage return, and his epilipsy-inducing online/offline cycling that I wasn't missing much. But then this afternoon I got bored and came 'Back'. Instantly he messaged me and asked if I was single and gay and looking for a boyfriend. And so I have been once more punished for being sociable. However, I was polite to him despite his disappointment at my answer, and so he asked me to hook him up with single gay 'furres' in New Orleans. As if I've got my finger on the NOLA gay fur pulse. But I told him how to go to the Yahoo groups and look up the "southern_furs" and 'Big furry' groups (which I guess I have no business joining, but remembered somehow). So I guess I'm the one to catch the blame for that guy.
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