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J'y retourne, un autre fois

Back from my SCUBA diving trip to pensacola. It was a fun trip, and I got all the dives done that I needed to. The instructer said that we could just forge the 8th required dive (a skin dive) as we would otherwise have to wait possibly months to get another dive in.

We went about 15-30 miles off-shore to some nice wrecks and did some rescue, navigation, search&recovery, and night dives. Small boat, but it was nice. And, Pensacola is about 1.5 hours closer to BR.

I got back in town and we played D&D. Lame game, tho. My mother's away in GA until Thursday, so I'm taking care of my dog and the house until then. No big deal.

Nothing much to comment on otherwise. I need to order my new motherboard and CPU for my computer and have them installed, so I can have my comp up and running for move-in day. Would be nice.

Damnit, the financial hold on my LSU account hasn't been lifted even though I paid online on thursday. I NEED to get a transcript sent over to UTMB pronto. Bastards.
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