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I'm going back to BR tomorrow, after a while of staying over here. I'm still writing papers for a final due tomorrow, which is taking a big wet bite out of my ass.

I have to load up my bike on my truck using my ramp, which is too short. I bottomed the bike out on taking it out of the truck last week, and if someone hadn't come by at that time, I might've dropped it. I'm gonna have to ramp it up to my 12'' curb, then load it from there. How I'll get it out at home I dunno. But I'm going to break in my skunk helmet in town and see how my jacket fits.

I'm going to have to swing down to Slidell for a while also, because my Grandfather is having emergency heart surgery tomorrow. Silent heart-attacks are a bitch. I think his clock is winding down pretty fast.

I almost got killed this morning when some guy in a mustang ran a stopsign as I was riding by. Traffic laws become much less optional without crumple zones, I am learning. My new $2600/year bike insurance (on top of my $2200/year truck insurance) is teaching me to keep my shit together like I was eating paste.

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