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rubber side down

Well I hope the suspense wasn't too great. My computer decided to go offline all of a sudden and wouldn't come back. I was going completely apeshit trying to uninstall drivers and reenable PCI cards in the hardware manager. Finally I called tech support and they told me to plug my ethernet card back in. Yes. I am a mongoloid. I found out, though, that having a PCI card halfway out of the socket makes your computer act like you're tapdancing on your keyboard (while having a grand mal, maybe).

Anyway. I'm sure anyone who's bored enough to read my journal for comprehension figured out that I bought my new motorcycle two days ago. (good job for sparks and kaners)

And because I'm such a little nancy, here's some poetry set to the key of http:

A man once had asked me, 'How wide is your glide?'
"My glide's pretty wide." (that's how I replied.)
He looked at the chrome and felt of the hide:
'It's quite a nice ride -- don't keep it inside.'
I turned back to him and said with some pride,
"I couldn't if I tried." (it's just so damn wide!)

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