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I guess this makes 15?

I went back to the same dentist today to get 3 teeth drilled. They pencilled me in at 6:30; that's commendable, at least. The doc was pretty nice and went out of his way to explain everything (I've already had around 12 fillings before, so it was nothing new.) and I got to enjoy a new juice, septocaine. I had to go back for seconds on the bottom tooth, but I only felt the drill on my pulp once. Pretty quick, overall. My first front-tooth filling, too. The only annoying part was the dentist trying to hawk his pseudo-amway energy drinks on me. As if I can taste anything right now, anyway.

And then of course I had to go immediately back to the lab to finish an experiment. Luckily noone was there so I could keep my drooly mouth shut.
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