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'ayt inna saaaaahd'

Christ almighty. A new Deuce is about 19 grand for starters. And it never ends up at for starters. I took out a road king yesterday, and decided in about 10 minutes that I didn't like it much. (even before it started raining). Fun nonetheless. One of my friends from BR called me to ask if I was in town so he could load crap in my truck to help another friend move; when I told him I was in TX he told me to fuck off. Maybe I'll sell my truck after I get a bike and make my life a bit easier.

Then my aunt and uncle and their friends took me to a pool hall and I cleaned each and every one of their clocks.
I actually had to show one of them which ball to hit with the stick and what to hit it towards. Thank jeebus for beer taps.

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