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another 2-wheeled weekend

Saturday I rented another bike and rode around the north side of Houston again. This time it was a Softail Deuce. More of an upright boulevard bike; I think I liked it better than the Wide Glide. I was a little bit more comfortable with the posture (less Peter Fonda-like) and my skills, so I was riding more aggressively. I even took it upon myself to give people dirty looks and curse at them for cutting me off and whatnot. I thankfully this time bought some sunblock, so I don't look like a complete redneck. I stopped at a Vietnamese place for Supper and later on I stopped again at a Japanese place for Dinner. MMmm, good.
One step closer.

And on Sunday I packed my big bag of clothes for the air-o-plane, and cleaned up the den I have here.

Today I got my little white jukebox in at around 10:30 (good thing I overslept for class, I guess), and found that I need a damned IEEE 1394, which I don't have. So I'll go see if RadioShack has one. But I could get a colored contact and look all Shpooky for fun.
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