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Game Day

Played D&D Today, just like every sunday. I'm a nerd, btw. We've been playing for 4 years now, every weekend. We used to have a group of about 12 or so people, and now we're down to 4. It was so fun back in freshman year, we had everyone and their girlfriends playing in my apartment, from like 3 to like 12 straight. We'd drink and smoke, curse and fuck around. We'd fight all the time, and get a lot done. Now, we're lucky to get one or two fights in, and get anything done. Only one of us still has their girlfriend, and she doesn't play anymore. We just sit around and do nothing. We've changed locations and days lots of times, and gone through several players and characters. I won't be around for much more of it, and I'm not sure if they'll even keep playing anymore. Scott's staying in BR, but going to grad school, so there goes the DM. I'm leaving town, and I'm the only other person who has any experience DMing reasonably. Either they'll play sporadically, or they'll finally give up the ghost, which will be really sad. The game was the staple of my college career. Even more than going drinking with those guys (which I did pretty much every week, twice or thrice a week) I enjoyed playing with them. I'll try to keep some games going when I come back into town (which'll be maybe around once a month). I wondered how well we'd all have kept in contact with each other if we weren't forced to see each other once a week...

I got up today at 4:10 pm. I woke up at 1:10, but for some reason went back to bed. I hate getting up late on Sundays. I hate sundays anyway, because I always feel like it's an uncomfortable pause in a conversation, just after the discourse lulls and just before someone makes a forced and awkward comment to get things moving again. At least I had something to look forward to, in the afternoon.

Is this the sort of things other people put in their journals? I don't really read other people's journals, so I wonder if I'm just being terribly boring. Probably. That wouldn't suprise me very much. Hmm.. I should think of a way to liven it up...later.

I have a feeling that I'll be online a shitload more come next fall, because I'll be away from all my friends. I'm fiercely independant, but There's not gonna be enough time to do anything by myself. I'll be online anyway doing work, so why not Alt-Tab over to a muck?


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