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I have no ID if that rat has worms or not.

I have to give a presentation tomorrow on Worm infestation in mice, for my inflammation class. I just finished the final exam, a 5-essay take-home on neutrophil whatnot, etc. I've got a rat now living up on my balcony and in my walls, eating old birdseed that I'm too lazy to feed to birds, I guess. I'll have to get some rat traps out to gish him sometime soon, before he robs all the birds in the neighborhood.

I'm still waiting on a couple of things I ordered to ship. One with pokey things, and another with a little white jukebox, and a third with my drivers license. If it doesn't get here before I leave for Philly, I'm in some trouble (unless they accept my LA concealed weapon permit as an ID, which they realistically should). I just don't want a bunch of trouble before I get on planes and entrust my drawers to the whims of US Airways.
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