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Back from the Island

I've not posted in a few days.. Well..

The Cochon-de-lait went excellently. I cannot BELIEVE the cooker worked so well. Neither did anyone else (they didn't say it like that, just overly enthusiastic congrats and kudos on the pig) The pig was done in 4.5 hours instead of the planned 9.0. Wow.

People actually showed up (not sure how many, maybe 25) which was the planned number (actually, I cooked enough pig for 50, just in case) Friends and family and Scott's friends and family, too. I got moula, and much congrats. I must've had 10 beers that day. Eventually everyone left but my friends and we bullshitted for a while and then drove to another one's house to drink until dawn. Considering the excellent suprise of the pig cooker at 8 am when we started, The entire 22 hour day was the best in possibly years.

We went to Galveston Monday early to go scout apartments, and stayed at My uncle Tommy's and aunt Kathy's. I drove 5 hours up, 5 hours home, and a total of maybe 12 hours total both days in the city. God, I was tired yesterday night (I actually went to bed at 11pm). But, I was fruitful! Got me a piece of a house apartment in the historic district. Landlord reminds me HEAVILY of Rip Taylor, but the rent's good and it's only 2 blocks from campus...BINGO!! 10 blocks from the beach. THE BEACH! Can a skunk have a tan? Stay tuned and find out, fellow mutants!

So, Busy few days. But today I just picked up Piper (my beagle) from the boarding vet ($140 for teethcleaning and bath/board!!), went to GNC for outrageously overpriced supplements, worked out, and went to Mailboxes, etc. to mail more UTMB appstuff.

Lovely discussion with mom at dinner about premarital cohabitation and supremacy of religion-based morality. No big deal, a little discourse is fun when you're worn out.

I'd like to tell the millions of people who read all this thank you. Ha.

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