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I hate the mpaa.

I'm burning some DVDs I rented the other day from the evil blockbuster. 'Ran', by Kurosawa (been wanting to see this since 7 Samurai), 'Empire of the Sun' (Best movie with J. Malkovich, bar none; probably my favorite movie of all), 'Full Metal Jacket' ('who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?'), and 'Seven Samurai' (this was the inspiration for 'the Magnificent 7'). My burn software isn't so hot though.. It doesn't encode the movies, so they take up 2 DVDs. Too expensive. I'm going to get a better version Friday when I'm in a city that has at least a _single damned computer store_. I haven't decided if I'll bring any of these to Philly; if I do, I'll have to bring a player (which'd be my PS2, and then I'd be tempted to play SOCOM all weekend.) Dunno about that. If anyone wants a DVD burned before then, though, I can comply. I'm going to find a good bulk deal on DVDs and rent/burn a crapload of them. I'll start with the cult classics and some dagnasty anime, and work my way to the foreign weirdo films and the really horrible 70's pornos.

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