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I hate the mpaa.

I'm burning some DVDs I rented the other day from the evil blockbuster. 'Ran', by Kurosawa (been wanting to see this since 7 Samurai), 'Empire of the Sun' (Best movie with J. Malkovich, bar none; probably my favorite movie of all), 'Full Metal Jacket' ('who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?'), and 'Seven Samurai' (this was the inspiration for 'the Magnificent 7'). My burn software isn't so hot though.. It doesn't encode the movies, so they take up 2 DVDs. Too expensive. I'm going to get a better version Friday when I'm in a city that has at least a _single damned computer store_. I haven't decided if I'll bring any of these to Philly; if I do, I'll have to bring a player (which'd be my PS2, and then I'd be tempted to play SOCOM all weekend.) Dunno about that. If anyone wants a DVD burned before then, though, I can comply. I'm going to find a good bulk deal on DVDs and rent/burn a crapload of them. I'll start with the cult classics and some dagnasty anime, and work my way to the foreign weirdo films and the really horrible 70's pornos.


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Jul. 3rd, 2003 12:47 pm (UTC)
You hate the MPAA and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual for ripping rented DVD's that you never intend to purchase. Anytime I get into a debate on this topic online I keep saying that the use of DECSS is mainly benevolent and that most use it to rip their own DVD’s like I do. Then someone blows that theory out of the water by doing this. I won't get into my 5 page long rant on stealing movies. (Really. A post on Zdnet was about 5 pages long.) I have more of a beef with the RIAA then the MPAA. Considering there a whole hell of a lot more effort and manpower going into a movie then music.

20 bucks for a digital quality movie is a damn good deal when you consider a CD approaches that amount. Never mind when you factor in the addins such as directors comm, trailers and such 20-25 for a DVD is quite reasonable.
That's not to say I don't rip DVD's as well. I rent a DVD from blockbuster (Why are they evil?) rip it to my laptop, and return it immediately and watch the movie/s as many times as I like until I'm bored with it. Then delete. If I like them enough I purchase them either from BBuster, Video Update, or Hollywood Video as previously viewed copies that I can get anywhere from 9-15 bucks.
As for blockbuster I worked there for 3 years. The upper management are asses but the company is perfectly fine. If you want to know why video stores are ravenous about returning your movie on time and why they love late fees its really simple. The individual movie studio jacks up the price of each copy for the rental stores. (Typically anywhere from $50-$100.) The reason is simple. If they sold it for retail price 19.99 or so. Bbuster would rake it in while the movie studio gets screwed in addition to that there are many that don’t bother to even buy a copy. They just rent. This further screws the movie studio if they charged only retail. There is A LOT of crap going on in the background. Calling any one video chain evil without all the facts is wrong.
Sorry but this is one of those topics I usually have to vent on.
Jul. 3rd, 2003 03:11 pm (UTC)
word. would it make you feel better if I burned DVDs off of HBO?

My beef with the MPAA is summed up by the fact that the Tim Allen movie section is >1. Or something like that. I don't really hate them; but I feel no compunction for copying movies, either. I give hundreds every year to a couple of charities, and if believed in some sort of higher ethical framework, maybe I'd feel justified to steal because of it. But I don't believe and justification doesn't enter in.

Don't feel bad venting; all people who know me for long enough revolts at my behavior. Either they get over it, or not. Stars burn out, etc. Discourse is sometimes better than nothing.
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