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I can't believe I'm done. Done with College, and done with my cooker. Thank god for my uncle Tommy and uncle Drew, who helped me out when it looked like everything was going to fall through at the last minute.

Graduation was in two parts: the first early part for everyone (which it seemed only a VERY small number of bachelors attended, and which ran so long that many (including myself) had to get up and leave during, and the later part for each college. My college, The college of Basic Sciences, had its ceremony right after the main one, on the opposite side of campus in the rec center. I was the 19th to get my diploma, because the biochemists went up first. I was front row, almost center. I enjoyed walking across the stage and receiving my diploma. Cap and gown, it was pretty cool. INSANE parking nonsense, but right then, it was very much worth it. Some girl's mom even had a crew of 3 bagpipers and a flagbearer play for her when she came out.

We got home, ate and talked, and then I got to work on the cooker while my uncles replaced boards in the deck. We just finished in time to cure it (it's still going now, EXCELLENTLY. It turned out so well, especially considering it's technically 'rigged' because the asshole at home depot cut my boards too short after I told him 3 TIMES how long to cut them.

Tomorrow I get out there at 9 and load up the pig. We'll see how we do.. Long day of hangin' loose and partying. Excellent! I didn't think I'd be so excited, but even considering I could literally HARDLY MOVE because of my injuries from lifting weights (I pulled almost every muscle, anecdotally) I enjoyed my family's company and the entire shpiel.

Summer officially starts tomorrow, I decree.
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