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I just got back from Ichibon's for dinner. I am stuufffed. I think I had one too many raw quail eggs, though..

Yesterday I got my $80 sheets out of the origami-fold they were in the package in, and realized that someone had taken the pillowcases out. And that combined with the fact that someone had stolen the cd out of the computer game I bought the same day made me seriously question my lack of belief in the supernatural.

So today I drove to the lab and trypsinized my cells like I should've done yesterday, and then took every damned bag of trash out of this dump (it filled my entire truck bed, piling as high as the top of the cab) and drove it to the nearest dumpster. I'm making a point now to take out all the paper trash and bringing it with me to school so I can recycle it (there's no recycling service with the trash here. This should be criminal.) Then I drove back and returned my sheets and game, and drove all the way to my uncle's house to find them not answering the phone. Oh, well. Maybe next month.

And then I hooked up my fax machine and cordless phone to the computer and wall, and finally got part of my LAN problems to quit driving me batty. And then I put a bunch of old school stuff in boxes high up on my many 10'-high shelves, like great big cuboid birds waiting to topple onto my head from their aerie one day at 3am.

Yesterday the bagpiper cornered an alleycat against the yard wall, straining against his chain leash barking and beagle-howling up a storm. The alleycat is this black-and-white one I've seen around and usually mocks my dog from just outside his leash range; but yesterday he got cornered somehow and was all hunched down and probably thinking 'aw..shit.' (reminding me of the past few days of Sinfest. When I went outside to tell him to pipe down, I saw this black and white huddle against the wall and for just a moment thought I had a distant cousin come to join me for dinner. But no, just a cat. Finally after egging the dog on a bit, the cat slashed at him and lept away. I was so proud of the bagpiper, cornering an alleycat. I gave him some brand-new milk-bones and let him beat the heat inside.

And yesterday I gutted my toilet's broken-ass flushing mechanism and installed a new one, complete with fancy-ass water-treatment mechanism.


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