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Finally, I fixed my pipes. I can't chrome these pipes, so they're not very interesting to me. The process to acquire chromable pipes is formulating. I just sent $5000 in the mail today for creditcard bills. Mastercard should be a doll and send a pack of food stamps with each card bill.

My mother got back yesterday from some kind of trip where she slept on the top of some mountain for a week straight, and went whitewater rafting. She just got back from a weeklong camping trip two days before she left for the second trip. She's a girlscout leader, so she did all that while in charge of around 2 dozen pre-teens. I can't even imagine what that would've been like.

I ordered 2 copies of my birth certificate on the web for $$$ so I can get my social security card replaced, so I can get my drivers license. On the phone with my mom, she finds my original in a drawer, and tells me that my SScard is actually in my apartment, somewhere hidden with my employment paperwork.

There should be a second mothers' day.

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