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I hit the pipe again.

Mosquito season started yesterday. Boooom. And it's swarming. Everywhere, relentless.

And also it's cockroach season. Last year I made the mistake of taking a flashlight outside and shining it on _anything_. They coat the trees and grass and sidewalks like a big scurrilous paisley. No wait... I meant scurrying; _I'M_ like a big scurrilous paisley.

So last night I took out one of my little earrings and dropped it down the sink. My landlord believes in the torque-wrench theory of plumbing, so I couldn't get the damned trap to come loose. So I had to segregate the sink until I got a magnum vise-grip and a sink-grabby tool. The tool didn't work (high quality steel is not very magnetic), and as I began to turn the pipe fittings, the trap promptly tore like crepe paper. I took it all the way off and removed the ring (and put it into bleach, after seeing the inside of the trap). I had to put it back on to avoid the impending smell, so I guess tomorrow it's back to the Home Depot to replace the pipe..


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