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Who rules thunderdome?

I did some of my damned homework and lounged around the apartment being lazy and self-gratifying. Then I got showered and looked at the sun for a little bit, then

I went to Seaspace today at the new stadium. It was smaller than I thought it would be, though. Then I went to the Harley store and picked up my jacket armor that I ordered; it was the wrong armor, though so I had to take a knife to it to make it fit into the jacket. I'm going to try and find a 14g steel plate to cut right and fit it in the back for spine cover. It looks kind of MadMax to be honest. I'm going to have to carry my .357 when I wear it and rub sand in my hair so I can pick up some Tina Turner chicks with 6" chainmail shoulder-pads.

then I drove all around Houston looking for a specific japanese place. Didn't find it so I settled on one of the other 300 japanesse places. I had $50 worth of sushi and Sapporo Gold. Little did I know until I was halfway through the 1.5pint can that SapGold is Japanese malt liquor. Ninja 40s, for christ's sake. (that's sake with a long A)

Then I got bored and drove to Taurian, and got further additions to my ear project. Whaddaya know, I had a productive day.

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