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Damn this Thursday.

I, for the 3rd time in a couple of weeks, have failed at my attempts at work to get usable results. I don't understand why I'm failing like this; it's a simple task (relatively). It's just that there are a dozen different steps where I could be messing up and not knowiing about it until the end, when it's too late. I'm getting so damned tired of this. If I just knew the point at which my efforts become frustrated, then I could work on fixing the problem. I always get my (disappointing) results when I'm in the darkroom, sitting alone in the dim red light with the smell of bromine and heat permeating like a sauna. It's so debasing.

I bought a couple of lamps at the home depot while buying some varnish for my new table. I saw a complete set of lamps with star motif that my sister would love (her artist trademark is some kind of star-thing). I'll have to check out her apartment and figure which to get her.

I stayed up until 3 last night doing homework for one of my classes, and was so tired that I slept through the class and now can't turn in the work. Irony is a literary device best NOT used in the first person, I guess.

My truck's been getting a lot of bird shit on it over the past few weeks. So much so that I couldn't see out of my back windshield. So much so that yesterday someone actually left me a note asking if I parked my truck 'under a pterydactyl's nest' and commanding me to wash it. So much so that finally today when I did pressure-wash it that I couldn't get all of it to come off. I found one of my tires has been slashed about halfway through, and must be leaking slowly. I'm not sure how; but truck tires are expensive and I'm not inclined to get it fixed until it up and blows out on me.

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