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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor


I got out of work last night at around 9:15, and when I got to my car I realized I'd left some samples out; so I cursed my way back inside and after leaving again I found someone'd left an entire trash bin of old computer hardware for the trash. I fished through it and took 2 external 1200 baud modems, another external for what looks like an apple IIe, and another apple external drive. There were hundreds of old reel-to-reels in there, but it was probably mostly old data. I have been looking to get an apple IIe for a little while and set it up so I can play with it; if the modem and drive fit, I'll save some money.

And today I got a load of junk I ordered from yesterday. I've also got some jewelry coming in and a buttload of stuff from Rabbit Valley, and a couple of little eBay things (which I'll show when my camera battery works).

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