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I didn't work out today.
I didn't get much of any work done on my grille today.
I'm lazy. So Damned lazy. I need motivation.

I've got these headaches, they're driving me crazy. Jesus, why won't they stop? I don't want to take aspirin for the rest of my life.

I got a hepatitis B vaccine (my first, of 4!!) and blood drawn for chickenpox, and a TB skin test. I'm coming back thursday for the tb and varicella (hopefully) results. Back in a month for Hep B #2. That damned nurse pushed the syringe in too fast, like all nurses do. My arm hurts now. Damnit.

Foul mood. getting up later and later.

I did fix one of the PVC things, but I failed twice to fix the other one. I guess I'll go buy another fixture and try again. crap. I could really go for a massage.

I used to get my old girlfriend to walk up and down my back to pop it. That felt reeally good. I wish I could get that done. Instead, I'll go upstairs and sleep on my dirty sheets and my uncomfortable bed.

God I feel like crap. I hate having no school, because I've long since lost my ability to have fun in the daytime. everything I do seems like a waste of time. I'd better get off my ass. I used to take ephedra pills to help me lose weight, maybe they'd help me get my energy back.

I would like to go to Galveston and walk around at night. I'd like to take a walk around here at night, except the city's not as safe as it used to be. I used to meet up with friends at night and walk around. The city seemed bigger, and smaller. we walked around and talked, and I was genuinely happy. I've not been genuinely happy in so long.

Fuckit. Fine, I'll deal. Enough whining. Goodnight.

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