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New development

So I will be going home to B.R. today, later than expected b/c I have to play in the darkroom again developing chemiluminescence films. Every year I have to go home to celebrate Mother's day (and another coincidental holiday that I don't see any point in celebrating anymore). In lieu of a gift I'll just pay to have her house repaired. I'm all for the useful gifts; that, or gifts of the type that the recipient really wants but would never buy for themselves.
My sister got me something (unrelated to my motorcycle, apparently) so looks like it's 'happy face' for another weekend.

p.s. I doubt it is germane but if anyone is trying to email me, I've lost the ability to receive to either of my accounts until I can get my gris-gris together.


May. 10th, 2003 06:43 pm (UTC)
nobody home..
I tried to call that number but there isn't any answer..

If y'all still want to get something to eat or something, try calling me (number's in my info).