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So I bought all that stuff, and installed the video card, and put it all together, and ... nothing. No POST, no video. So I put the old card in... nothing. So I switch power cables, and remove all the drives, and other PCIs.. nothing. I weep, and take 5. Retry, and it's still not booting. So, I realize that I must've fried my 3rd Mobo (and probably my 3rd CPU and all 3 DIMMs). So Yesterday I go back to CompUSA and buy a new SOYO board and XP2400+ chip and 1Gb of DDR333, and a new chipfan (total $750) and gut my box and redo. This time it works fine. Except my HDD won't take a partition. After 15 tries, nothing; finally in XP install I take to SLAMMING MY FISTS into the keyboard and somehow that makes it work..
I get it to work! I install all the software, but I can't get my DSL installed. AOL keeps telling me my connection is messed up and kicking me off, too. I was on with tech support for 1.5 hours today, and nothing. My little connection says "missing device" and switching b/w the PCI lan card and the onboard lan doesn't fix it. NOTHING fixes it; my LAN setup seems fine, but not the internet connection. I'm going bonkers. I will call MS tech support later, I guess. If that doesn't work, I hope the one computer shop on the island can send someone.

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