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Most unplanned, of course.

I also went to Target and bought some new luggage. I had not heretofore owned any of my own except for a couple of skyway crottes. These are nice, though (better be, for $150). Matching color, and the larger of the two bags has a bottom which zips out as a separate bed for keeping my nancy-assed jeans from getting wrinkled. Better than using my old SCUBA dive bag and a knaugahyde-flaking duffel like I did last AC.


I have A) a long-reserved room reserved with 2 double beds, B) little desire to sleep simultaneously on them both, C) less desire to pay simultaneously for them both, and D) even _less_ desire to room with people I have never said 'boo' to before. So, If anyone wants to go halfsies on my room (which is reserved from Thursday night to Saturday night), tug on my tail and we'll talk.

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